Special Services

You expect results and we deliver!

By choosing a highly qualified towing and recovery company such as O’Hare, you expect results. Our large and varied fleet of equipment allows us to combine whatever equipment is necessary to ensure a job well done. You expect results — we deliver.

We have been helping the motoring public since 1963. Choose a legacy of exceptional service, call now.

The job doesn’t stop after a tow!

Our job doesn’t end after the recovery or tow. We also possess the necessary equipment, facilities, and personnel to transfer your load to another truck, store your load, or even make other arrangements as the need arises.

Our service trucks can help avoid a tow

Our service trucks can solve many problems right on the scene — avoiding a tow if possible. If a tow is required, we can transport you to a repair facility of your choice or to one of our secure storage lots to await further instructions.

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Our dispatchers are on the phone 24/7/365. We are a group of highly trained and experienced staff-fit to handle any challenge
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