Providing towing and recovery services for over half a century!

In 1963 O’Hare Truck Service opened its doors for business. Jack Gratzianna realized that there was a need in the bustling suburbs of Chicago for a dependable towing company that would assist the quickly developing Chicago land area. The company originated as mainly a Heavy Duty towing and recovery facility. In 1976 he purchased the Northlake location and developed a reliable truck maintenance facility. In the 1980’s he started branching out into the quickly growing field of Light Duty towing. Through out the years, Jack was determined to provide the best service possible to the motoring public.

  • Light duty towing.
  • Heavy duty towing.
  • Recovery.
  • Transport.
  • Special Services.
  • Service and Repair.


In 1997, O’Hare Truck Service was involved with the consolidation efforts of RoadOne. In 2001 Bill and Marci Gratzianna purchased the company from RoadOne and reopened the business under the name O’Hare Towing Service. Since that time, Bill and Marci have developed O’Hare into the business that it is today. There are currently four terminals throughout the Chicago land area and a fleet of over 75 pieces of the most advanced equipment for handling any Towing and Recovery situation possible.

It became a tradition for Jack’s children to follow in his footsteps, one that continues to this day, towing and recovery are something that runs strongly in the Gratzianna family’s blood. Marci Gratzianna’s mother ran and operated a successful towing and repair facility on the south side of Chicago. She and Bill first met while working a recovery together. Jane, and his daughter Katie, are also actively involved in the dispatch and administrative side of the business.


In 2008, the O’Hare family is proud of the premiere of their reality TV show, Wrecked: Life in the Crash Lane. Bill and Marci Gratzianna both are hoping that through the show they can highlight the strong men and women of the industry and the dangers they face daily. They hope that it will help erase any negative stereotypes that people have of Tow Truck drivers and will help advance the Towing and Recovery Industry.

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O'Hare Towing Service providing premier
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