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24/7 Battery Jump Start Service

Car Battery Jump Start Service in Chicagoland

A dead battery can unexpectedly rewrite the busy schedule you had planned, making life even more hectic. Whether you have children to pick up from activities, medical appointments to keep, work, or other important places to be, the inability to start your car, truck, or SUV changes everything. There is one benefit you can count on if you live, work, or are passing through Chicagoland or the surrounding area, O’Hare Towing Service & Semi Truck Heavy Duty Wrecker offers battery jump start service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At O’Hare Towing Service & Semi Truck Heavy Duty Wrecker, we’ve been coming to the aid of community members and visitors for more than 50 years. During that time, we’ve established a pristine reputation for quick, budget-friendly roadside assistance. Handling battery jump start services in Chicagoland is something our field crews handle on a daily basis. To get a reliable car battery jump start in Chicagoland, just call our 24/7 roadside assistance number and help will be on the way.

To learn more about our 24/7 Jump Start Service and to speak to a member of our team, call us at

24/7 Battery Jump Start Service

As the leading roadside assistance resource in Chicagoland, O’Hare Towing Service & Semi Truck Heavy Duty Wrecker offers quick, cost-effective 24/7 battery jump start service. Call us any time day or night.

Why Did My Car Battery Die?

For some reason, car batteries are often not checked with the same consistency as other parts of the vehicle. It seems car, truck, and SUV owners change the oil regularly, check radiator coolant, brake fluids, tire wear and tear, and even the windshield wiper mixture gets more attention than batteries. But like any product, batteries require routine attention and have a limited life expectancy. So, when people wonder: Why did my car battery die? These are common reasons why they ended up making a car battery jump start service call.

Extreme Cold

Freezing temperatures can negatively impact a wide range of mechanical devices that we rely on. Just as extreme cold weather can cause your home’s pipes to freeze, car batteries can lose their charge. The optimal car battery temperature is approximately 80 degrees. But when the outdoor temperature dips, the processes of the lead plates and chemicals inside the battery struggle to produce and maintain a charge. Once the thermometer plummets below 32 degrees, we perform a lot of car battery jump starts in Chicagoland. And the older your battery gets, the more likely it won’t stand up to frigid winter temperatures.

Infrequent use

It’s not unusual for vehicle owners to view their car, truck, or SUV as a convenient way to get to work, keep appointments, and travel. The inner working of the machine may not seem important until it won’t start. Your car battery relies on relatively frequent use. When the engine is running, the alternator sends a charge to the battery. This process helps maximize its ability to power up lights, Bluetooth systems, and start the engine. When a vehicle sits idle for long periods of time, the battery doesn’t receive the necessary boost provided by the alternator. Its charge naturally wanes until you go to start the engine and it won’t turn over. That’s why you need car battery jump start service for a vehicle that doesn’t experience regular use. We suggest starting infrequently used vehicles once a week and letting the battery recharge.

Failure to Keep the Battery Clean

Car batteries can produce a green substance that tends to build up on the terminals and cables. This acidic coating also tends to eat away at the cables and block the battery’s electric charge. If you notice a green buildup on the terminals and cables, ask an auto mechanic to clear the substance away. Keep in mind, it can cause skin irritation and burns. If your vehicle doesn’t start due to dirty terminals and cables, our car battery jump start service technician can clean the area and get your engine running.

RV Jump Start Service in Chicagoland

If you are traveling or vacationing in a recreational vehicle that won’t start, call O’Hare Towing Service & Semi Truck Heavy Duty Wrecker for immediate roadside assistance. We’ll send a tow truck operator to provide RV jump start service in Chicagoland.

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