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Heavy Hauling 126,000 lbs Across the Country

Heavy Hauling Team Has Epic Road Trip with Crane

O’Hare Towing’s heavy hauling team was tasked with delivering a brand new crane to it’s new owner in Maywood, IL. The only catch? The crane was currently sitting across the country in Pennsylvania!

The heavy hauling team made the 580 mile trip to Bellwood, PA, with their new quad-axle tractor. Thankfully, the trip was uneventful and they made it to the pick-up location on time. Seeing as the crane weighed a bit over 126,000 lbs, the heavy hauling team needed to take a permitted route for the trip.

While the route allowed the team to stay on the interstate for the majority of the journey, it also took them on a more scenic journey. For around 100 miles, the heavy hauling team needed to take a mountain road with an average grade of 9%! 

Many tractors would have an issue with a 9% incline while hauling nearly 130,000 lbs but O’Hare’s new quad-axle tractor made it look easy! Once the 580 mile journey was complete (for the second time that week!), the heavy hauling team delivered the crane to its proud new owner.

Fantastic work out there team!

Details of Heavy Hauling Team Has Epic Road Trip with Crane 

The heavy hauling team at O’Hare Towing Service was called on to deliver a new crane to a customer in Maywood, IL. The Chicago heavy towing team needed to pick up the crane in Bellwood, PA. 

The trip to Bellwood was uneventful and the heavy towing team arrived right on schedule. The heavy hauling team drove the crane onto their trailer. With the crane secured on the trailer, the heavy towing team began the 580 mile journey back to Illinois.

Due to route restrictions, the heavy hauling team was taken off the interstate for approximately 100 miles. These 100 miles were through a mountain road with a 9% grade. Seeing as the heavy hauling team were hauling over 126,000 lbs, this could have easily been a problem. That being said, the heavy towing team were driving a new quad-axle tractor that made the job look easy!

Once they reached Maywood, IL, the heavy duty hauling team made their way to the customer’s location. They carefully offloaded the crane and made their way back to O’Hare Towing – Cars, Heavy Duty & Semi Truck Towing, 2755 Division St, Melrose Park, IL 60160, United States.

Once there, they cleaned their equipment and made their way home for some well deserved rest!

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