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Semi Truck Recovery on Route 59

Semi Truck Recovery at Diverging Diamond Interchange on Route 59 and I-88

The semi truck recovery team at O’Hare responded to an urgent call from Illinois State Police District 15. A truck carrying 15,000 lb worth of Amazon parcels had overturned on Route 59 and I-88 in Naperville, IL.

The truck was driving through the unique diverging diamond interchange and lost control while taking a curve. By the time the truck came to a stop, it’s gas tank had been severely damaged and was leaking diesel all over the road!

Evidently, the fuel leak needed to be contained prior to moving the truck out of the busy intersection. The Naperville Fire Department was on scene and had begun placing spill pads on the fuel. O’Hare’s semi truck recovery team laid down more spill pads as well as 10 bags of Oil Dri absorbent. They also made sure to use spill kit ropes to block the nearby sewers, ensuring no fuel would leak into them. 

With the battery disconnected to avoid a potential spark, the recovery team could begin the heavy lifting. Take it from us, maneuvering two large rotators through this busy intersection was no easy task! Thankfully, O’Hare only works with the best tow truck operators in the business and they got their rotators in place and made quick work of uprighting the truck. 

Using their 75-ton rotator, they towed the truck back to their secure yard. Job done, right? Not quite. There was still 15,000 lb of parcels sitting in the damaged trailer! The semi truck recovery team secured the trailer to a step-deck trailer and transported it to the customer’s facility. https://www.trafficcontrolcorp.com/diverging-diamond-interchange-opens-at-route-59-i-88-in-naperville/

Fantastic work out there team! You cleared the scene less than 90 minutes after receiving the initial phone call. Keep up the great work!

semi truck recovery
Picture courtesy of Traffic Control Corp
semi truck recovery

Details of Semi Truck Recovery at Diverging Diamond Interchange on Route 59 and I-88

The semi truck recovery team responded to a call from Illinois State Police District 15 for an accident on Route 59 and I-88. A semi truck recovery team was immediately dispatched. O’Hare’s semi truck recovery team was on scene within 15 minutes of getting the phone call.

The fire department had already laid down on spill pads. The semi truck recovery team laid more spill pads, dammed off the sewers with spill kit ropes, disconnected the truck’s battery, and laid down 10 bags of Oil Dri.

With the fuel spill taken care of, the semi truck recovery team began the recovery process. The heavy duty recovery team placed a rotator on either side of the tractor trailer. Working simultaneously and using a catch line, the rotator operators uprighted the tractor trailer.

The heavy towing team towed the tractor trailer away using a 75-ton rotator. They brought the tractor trailer to a nearby parking lot. At this point, the heavy recovery team lifted the damaged container and secured it onto a step-deck trailer.

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