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Towing Service Hauls 1922 Truck!

Towing Service Tows Restored Hendrickson Trucks

O’Hare Towing Service had the pleasure of towing two fully restored Hendrickson trucks to their new home in Schaumburg. Yes, you read that right: Hendrickson trucks! The popular suspension manufacturer stopped producing trucks in the early 1980s in order to expand their suspension component business.

Hendrickson had restored a 1922 boom truck and a 1936 dump truck to be displayed at their new Schaumberg facility. O’Hare Towing Service & Semi Truck Heavy Duty Wrecker Service & Semi Truck Heavy Duty Wrecker & Semi Truck Heavy Duty Wrecker’s team picked up the historical trucks at the Hendrickson facility in Woodbridge.

Believe it or not, the 1936 truck was fully functional! The Hendrickson team was able to drive the 85 year old dump truck to our Landoll, making the towing process as simple as can be! The tow truck operator simply needed to tilt the trailer bed and slowly winch the truck up. 

While they had fully restored the 1922 boom truck’s engine, it had yet to be run. Not wanting to risk damaging the engine, the towing team winched it out of the facility prior to loading it onto their Landoll.

The beautiful vehicles are now in their new home, proudly displayed in glass showrooms as you enter the Hendrickson facility! 

Great work out there team! You carried a piece of history!

Details of Towing Service Tows Restored Hendrickson Trucks

O’Hare’s Towing Service team was called out to the Hendrickson facility in Woodridge, IL. The towing service team made their way to Woodrige along with a Landoll trailer. Hendrickson tasked the towing service team with moving two historic trucks from Woodridge to Schaumburg. 

The 1936 Hendrickson dump truck was driven to the back of the landoll. The heavy tow truck operator lowered the trailer bed. With the trailer bed in place, the Woodridge towing service team hooked their winch line onto the 1936 truck. They then slowly winched it up onto the trailer.

The 1922 Hendrickson boom truck could not be driven so the towing service team needed to get it out of the facility themselves. They were able to easily winch it out through the large bay doors. 

With the 1922 boom truck now in the parking lot, the heavy towing service team was able to easily winch it up onto their landoll.  The Woodridge heavy towing team drove the short 25 mile journey to Schaumburg, IL. 

Once at the Hendrickson facility in Schaumburg, the towing service safely removed the trucks from the landoll. Both vintage trucks are now being displayed in glass showrooms at the Hendrickson facility.

The towing team made their way back to O’Hare headquarters. Once there, they washed and sanitized all their equipment in order to be prepared for the next job.

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