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towing service jolietIf you aren’t choosing a local company in Joliet, you should. We have a dispatch center in the area and can quickly get a vehicle out to you. With a local junior college and bustling nightlife, accidents can happen. Even more frequent are everyday roadside emergencies. We handle both. Don’t put yourself in danger by trying to repair a problem on the side of a busy road or move a vehicle yourself. We have the equipment, skills, and reputation you want at O’Hare Towing Service.

We've been helping drivers in Joliet since 1963. Choose a legacy of exceptional service, call now.

Our dispatchers are standing by 24-7. No matter when you need us, we’re ready to help.

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towing jolietWith a history of great local service, our business was built on customer care. A dedication to keeping our company a local high-quality towing leader has allowed us to expand. When you call us for your roadside assistance and towing needs you’ll enjoy the following:

24/7 service from a helpful dispatch operator. Our dispatchers are collected and kind. We can help you through a stressful tow related situation. We ask the right questions to get you the tow truck you need.
Qualified and fast tow truck service. We have a local operations facility in Lockport. That means we can have a driver out to you in no time. Many of our trucks carry additional emergency supplies like diesel, gasoline, engine oil, and more. Our drivers are prepared to assist with everything from a jumpstart to a tow.
Reliable and honest service. We believe in an upfront and transparent tow service. That’s why we’ve been trusted by local law enforcement among others. That’s service you can depend on.

Your first choice for heavy-duty towing.

We have a wide selection of towing vehicles that can handle any situation. Dispatch makes sure the right truck gets sent. Our operators are skilled at using all attached equipment. Whether it’s recovery of a tractor trailer or winching a 4-door sedan with a bad transmission, we do it with care and skill. Just some of our towing services we offer in zip code 60431, 60432, 60433, 60434, 60435, 60436 for heavy-duty vehicles include:

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You should have access to reliable towing night or day. Between our dispatch center and capable drivers, you always will. Wherever you are in Joliet, you’re covered. Call or contact us now. Don’t worry. Help is right around the corner.