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Towing Oak Park

Towing is a business that relies on specific factors to succeed. Location, experience, and equipment all matter greatly. Without one, the others are meaningless. You want towing in Oak Park that’s nearby. A truck operator that can skillfully operate recovery and towing equipment keeps your vehicle safe. The right equipment makes it all possible. That’s what we provide at O’Hare Towing Service. Get what you need when you need it.

Our local service center in Melrose Park guarantees you get immediate towing services.

O’Hare Towing Service is fully bonded and insured. Call us now to speak with a dispatcher or acquire references.
Your 24-hour towing provider
Car and truck towing
We handle passenger vehicle towing to show-cars. Every tow undergoes a multi-point inspection before delivery. With a fleet of over 70 trucks, we can tow trucks, cars, vans, tractors, utility vehicles, and much more.
Motorcycle and special towing
Some of our tow trucks come equipped with tie-downs for motorcycles. Others carry removable rails for wide-loads and wheel lifts for multiple vehicles. If it can be towed, we have the equipment and skilled operators to do it.
Fast, local towing 24/7
Our dispatch center is open 24 hours a day. They’ll send the nearest operator that can meet your needs. Our drivers use radios, live GPS, and alphanumeric pagers to stay on top of traffic and road closures in order to arrive quickly.

Call us now for emergency towing in Oak Park.

If you’ve encountered an emergency situation stay in your vehicle. Vehicle emergencies can be seriously dangerous for the untrained. This is especially true if you’ve broken down on the road or side of the road. Call our dispatch center for emergency roadside service. We will send out the right vehicle manned by a highly trained and certified tow truck operator. We provide services that include:

Choose service from certified tow truck operators.

Our drivers are certified to provide you with safer, smarter tow services. Certifications include:

The highway watch is designed to support highway safety efforts throughout the state. Our drivers remain vigilant so you stay safe on the roadway. This helps us to give back to the community every single day.

This training supplies our tow truck operators with the ability to assess, respond, and control an accident site. This training is critical and necessary for any reputable company. It keeps passengers and drivers safe in emergency situations.

The National Driver Institute trains our drivers to safely and successfully operate our vehicles and equipment. Whether traveling to a site, transporting a vehicle, or recovering a vehicle or load; our drivers aren’t just proficient, they set the standard for reliable towing.

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