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Semi Tow Off TRAIN TRACKS at 5AM

Semi Tow Team Called to Dwight, Illinois After Semi Takes Unexpected Ride on Train Tracks

O’Hare Towing Service & Semi Truck Heavy Duty Wrecker Service & Semi Truck Heavy Duty Wrecker’s semi tow team responded to a call in Dwight, Illinois, after a semi truck took an impromptu ride on the train tracks at 5 AM. The semi truck was driving westbound on a road that crossed over the tracks. The area was unfamiliar to the driver and he was caught by surprise when the road came to a sudden T-intersection right after the tracks. 

The driver was forced to make a quick right turn and did not time it well. By the end of the turn, the semi was on the tracks! Not wanting to become a train conductor, the truck driver tried to move off the tracks. Unfortunately, the combination of the awkward angle he found himself in, the compacted snow from a prior snowstorm, and loose gravel on the tracks, made it impossible for the truck to move.

Not even train tracks can stop O’Hare. The semi tow team arrived at the tracks with their rotator and heavy duty wrecker, ready to jump into action. The rotator positioned itself behind the trailer while the wrecker hooked onto the tractor. Another member of the O’Hare team got behind the wheel of the tractor to help steer during the recovery. 

Working together, the rotator lifted the trailer and pulled it backwards whilst the wrecker winched the tractor backwards. These combined movements forced the truck into a turn and got it off the train tracks!

Great work out there team! Your flawless teamwork saved the day!

Details of Semi Tow Team Called to Dwight, Illinois After Semi Takes Unexpected Ride on Train Tracks

The semi tow team was called out to train tracks in Dwight, Illinois. A semi tow team was immediately dispatched to the customer’s location from 2424 Wisconsin Ave, Downers Grove, IL 60515, United States. 

Equipped with a rotator and a heavy duty wrecker, the semi tow team arrived at the train tracks. The semi tow team assessed the situation in order to come up with a plan to recover the semi truck from the train tracks.

After a careful assessment, the rotator hooked onto the back of the trailer while the semi tow team hooked onto the tractor using the 50-ton wrecker. A member of the semi tow team got into the tractor in order to steer the wheel during the recovery effort. When everyone was in position, the rotator began to lift the trailer while pulling it backwards. At the same time, the wrecker winched the tractor backwards, forcing it into a turn.

The semi towing team’s coordinated efforts paid off when the truck came off the train tracks and was facing the right direction in order for the driver to safely drive away. The towing team unhooked the rotator from the trailer. Afterwards, the heavy towing team unhooked the wrecker from the tractor.

The tow team inspected the semi tractor-trailer to see if it had sustained any damage on the train tracks and could not find any damage.

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