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Heavy Tow Truck Lifts Generator

Heavy Tow Truck Team Does Some Heavy Lifting in Downers Grove

While our heavy tow truck team does love challenges, they do enjoy the simple jobs as well! A local construction company called in for help with some heavy lifting. They had rented a generator from out of state and needed assistance moving the massive unit.

When you’re lifting 20,000 lb of expensive equipment, you want to make sure that you’re using the best equipment and the best heavy lifting operators. For this particular job, the heavy tow truck team used a rotator. A rotator is a heavy tow truck with a pivoting crane-like boom. They are used for recoveries (overturned trucks), lifting (farm equipment, generators), and more!

The customer needed our team to lift the generator off of the trailer it had arrived on. They had already cleared a designated area for it. The O’Hare team can lift anything. That being said, they won’t complain when a piece of equipment already has a lift spot on it as this makes their job simpler and safer! There was one lift spot dead center on the top of the generator.

The team hooked onto the lift spot and slowly lifted the heavy generator into the air. Swinging the boom on the rotator, they moved the generator to its new home. The construction team is now ready should another heavy storm hit!

Fantastic work out there team!

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Details of Heavy Tow Truck Team Does Some Heavy Lifting in Downers Grove

A call for a heavy tow truck team was received by the O’Hare Towing Service dispatch center at 2424 Wisconsin Ave, Downers Grove, IL 60515. The in-house dispatch team scheduled a heavy lift at a nearby construction site for the next morning.

A heavy tow truck team was dispatched to the customer’s location. The heavy tow truck team was driving a rotator. Upon arrival at the job location, the heavy duty towing team assessed the situation. Sitting on a trailer, the 20,000 lb generator was too heavy for the construction team to move. The generator is fitted with a lift hook.

O’Hare’s heavy towing team hooked their rotator onto the generator’s lift hook and slowly lifted the generator into the air. The heavy lifting team then moved the generator to the side and placed it on the ground as per the customer’s wishes.

With the generator now on the ground, the heavy tow truck team unhooked from the lift point. Pulling in the rotator’s outriggers, the heavy tow truck team made their way back to O’Hare Towing Service headquarters to await a new job!

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